The house

La Villa Marguerite is a bourgeois house which has regained its former charm thanks to the eclectic selection of furniture and well chosen ornaments. The mix of genres remains nonetheless harmonious and attractive.

The house has five rooms, a dining room, sitting room and a library that leads out into a garden shaded by a wisteria tree that is over hundred years old. Depending on the season, you’ll be able to have your breakfast in the garden or in the dining room close the chimney.

La Villa Marguerite has been selected by :

Le Figaro Magazine guide "Chambres d'Hôtes 2012" and special issue "Les 300 plus belles Chambres d'Hôtes 2013-2014".

Marie-Dominique Perrin "Chambres d'Hôtes et Hôtels d'Exception" guide.